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March 26, 2018



edited by Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco, Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad, and Sérgio Dias Branco 


Editorial: (Re)Thinking Islamic Imagery, 1-3   
    Patrícia Silveirinha Castello Branco (IFILNOVA)
    Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad (SOAS University of London)
    Sérgio Dias Branco (University of Coimbra/IFILNOVA/CEIS20) 

Abstracts, 4-8   



The Role of Images in al-Fārābī’s Political Thought, 10-26    
    Sarah Virgi (SOAS University of London) 

An Unexpected Imagery: The Heart’s Vision and Other 
Synesthetic Functions of the Dhikr into the Islamic Tradition, 27-39 
    Dario Tomasello (University of Messina)

Calligraphic Animation as Visual Music: A Genealogy of Islamic Synchronization of Sight and Sound, 40-54  
    M. Javad Khajavi (Volda University College)

Seeing the Unseen: The Invisible Worlds of Jafar Panahi’s Cinema, 55-71  
    Mani Saravanan (Nanyang Technological University)

The Foil and the Quicksand: The Image of the “Veil” and 
the Failure of Abjection in Iranian Diasporic Horror, 72-87   
    Shrabani Basu (Adamas University) 

Post-Cinematic (Mis-)Representation of Islam, 88-106 
    Taida Kusturica (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)



Hanan al Cinema: An Interview with Laura U. Marks, 108-114  
    by Stefanie Baumann (IFILNOVA) and Susana Nascimento Duarte (School of Arts and Design
    at Caldas da Rainha/IFILNOVA)



Psychoanalytic Film Theory and “The Rules of the Game”, 116-120    
    Anthony J. Ballas (University of Colorado Denver)

The Philosophy of Documentary Film: Image, Sound, Fiction, Truth, 121-126   
    Stefanie Baumann (IFILNOVA)

Surviving Images: Cinema, War, and Cultural Memory in the Middle East, 127-132  
    AnaMary Bilbao (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Doing Time: Temporality, Hermeneutics, and Contemporary Cinema, 133-137  
    Feroz Hassan (University of Michigan)

Hanan al-Cinema: Affections for the Moving Image, 138-141  
    Susana Mouzinho (IFILNOVA)

The Body and The Screen: Female Subjectivities in Contemporary Women’s Cinema, 142-148   
    Zorianna Zurba

Deleuze, Japanese Cinema, and the Atom Bomb: The Spectre of Impossibility, 149-151   
    Wayne E. Arnold (The University of Kitakyushu)

The Philosophy of Spike Lee, 152-155   
    Aspen Taylor Johnson (Metropolitan State University of Denver)


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